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The American Journal of Managed Care - December 2008

December 01, 2008 – Gregory A. Nichols, PhD; Bhakti Arondekar, MBA, PhD; and William H. Herman, MD, MPH
This study showed that complications add significantly to the cost of medical care when hyperglycemia levels were below the threshold for diabetes, and impaired glucose tolerance independently contributed to costs.
December 01, 2008 – Jasmina I. Ivanova, MA; Howard G. Birnbaum, PhD; Matthew Hsieh, BA; Andrew P. Yu, PhD; Brian Seal, PhD; Thys van der Molen, PhD; Srinivas Emani, PhD; Richard A. Rosiello, MD; and Gene L. Colice, MD
This study evaluated the association between patient-reported and medical record–abstracted local adverse events and patient-reported and claims-based adherence to inhaled corticosteroid therapy.
December 01, 2008 – Donald G. Klepser, PhD, MBA
In his Editorial, Dr. Klepser considers the effectiveness and the future of value-based insurance design.
December 01, 2008 – Rebecca L. Sedjo, PhD; and Emily R. Cox, PhD
Decreasing statin copayments because of the patent expiration of simvastatin has led to moderate increases in therapy adherence.
December 01, 2008 – Geoffrey F. Joyce, PhD; Dana P. Goldman, PhD; Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD; and Grant D. Lawless, MD
Biologic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis was associated with lower use of some types of medical services within 2 to 3 years of initiation.
December 01, 2008 – Sarah Hudson Scholle, MPH, DrPH; Joachim Roski, PhD, MPH; John L. Adams, PhD; Daniel L. Dunn, PhD; Eve A. Kerr, MD, MPH; Donna Pillittere Dugan, MS; and Roxanne E. Jensen, BA
At least 50 quality events per physician are needed to reach a minimum level of reliability for most quality measures calculated from administrative data.
December 01, 2008 – Paul F. Cook, PhD; Suzie Emiliozzi, RN; Corey Waters, MBA; and Dana El Hajj, BSN, RN
A telehealth nursing program used psychological counseling techniques to improve antipsychotic medication adherence, leading to reduced emergency department utilization in a managed Medicaid population.
December 01, 2008 – Avivit Golan-Cohen, MD; Oded Horn, MD; Philip H. Sive, MD; and Shlomo Vinker, MD
Two case reports are presented in which previous photographs of the patients appearing in their medical record were of considerable assistance in making the diagnosis.
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