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Supplements Therapeutic Advances in the Management of Type 2 Inflammatory Disease

Evolving Treatment Strategies in Type 2 Inflammatory Disease

In AD, the recent approval of dupilumab in adolescent patients aged between 12 and 18 years with moderate to severe AD, coupled with FDA breakthrough designation and ongoing trials evaluating dupilumab in patients with severe AD as young as 6 years, suggest the potential for dupilumab to offer benefit to patients in various age populations and stages of disease. Also promising is the FDA priority review for dupilumab in adult patients with inadequately controlled severe CRSwNP.

Given the rapid rate of these developments, the broader utility of IL inhibition in atopic diseases is increasingly evident. This may be particularly relevant given the frequency of comorbid conditions in patients with these diseases.61 Thus, results from the LIBERTY AD SOLO trials showing the benefits of dupilumab in patients with AD and comorbid asthma offer the hope to broadly modify the course of type 2 inflammatory diseases. Ongoing research and development will likely provide greater clarity regarding the etiology of type 2 inflammatory disease, with the possibility of yielding additional efficacious targeted interventions.

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