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What We're Reading: Clinton Campaign Benefits From Pharma Donations

AJMC Staff
What we're reading October 19, 2015: Clinton campaign leads rivals in pharma donations, lawmakers in North Carolina open to provider-led organizations and managed care, big surge in Medicare spending on hepatitis C drugs.
Pharma Has Paid Big Money to the Clinton Campaign 

Data gathered by the Center for Responsive Politics shows that Hillary Clinton's campaign led the list of 2016 presidential candidates who received donations from the pharmaceutical industry. She received $164,315 in donations from the drug and medical device industries during the first 6 months of the campaign.

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NC Lawmakers Compromise on Medicaid Reform, Let ACOs In

North Carolina might soon see the state’s Primary Care Case Management system replaced. Lawmakers in the state have agreed on a compromise that will let managed care organizations and provider-led entities to enter what has traditionally been the realm of commercial health plans. The reforms, yet to be approved by CMS, will not be implemented for several years.

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Significant Surge in Medicare Hepatitis C Spending

With about $4.6 billion spent in the first half of 2015 alone—which nearly matches the spend during the entire year in 2014—Medicare spending on hepatitis C drugs is expected to continue its upward trajectory. “We’re all waiting to see when it plateaus or when it possibly goes back down,” said Sean Cavanaugh, director of Medicare and deputy administrator at CMS. “When will that pent-up demand be sated?”

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