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What We're Reading: e-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation; Private Healthcare for Veterans; Aetna, Apple Launch Health App
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What We're Reading: e-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation; Private Healthcare for Veterans; Aetna, Apple Launch Health App

AJMC Staff
A new study has demonstrated that e-cigarettes are more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine; the Department of Veterans Affairs released a proposal that would expand private healthcare access for veterans; and Aetna and Apple have launched a health app that helps users personalize and achieve their health goals. 

e-Cigarettes More Effective Than Nicotine for Smoking Cessation

Smokers who switch to smoking e-cigarettes are more likely to stop smoking compared with smokers who switch to nicotine. According to a new study of nearly 900 smokers, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the 1-year abstinence rate was 18% among those who switched to e-cigarettes compared with 9.9% of those who switched to nicotine. At 52 weeks, participants who switched to e-cigarettes were also more likely to still be using their assigned product and reported more significant declines in coughing and phlegm.


Expanded Private Healthcare for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released proposed guidelines that would allow veterans who live approximately 30 minutes away from a VA medical facility to see a private doctor, reported The Hill. Under the proposed guidelines, veterans could also see a private doctor if they have to wait more than 20 days for an appointment. Right now, veterans can see private doctors if they live 40 miles away from a VA medical facility or have more than a 30-day wait for an appointment.


Aetna and Apple Launch App To Help Achieve Health Goals

Aetna and Apple have announced their launch of Attain, their new health app that provides users with personalized health goals. Through the Apple Watch, users will receive personalized goals, track their daily activity levels, recommended healthy actions, and rewards for taking these actions to improve their health and well-being. The app is expected to be available in the Apple App Store in spring 2019, according to Aetna.

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