Panel Discussion

Segment 9 - Impact of Healthcare Reform on Cancer Care
November 03, 2016 – 
Can care delivery and payment reform in healthcare help tide us over the existing gaps in cancer care?
Segment 8 - Covering the Gaps in Cancer Survivor Care
November 03, 2016 – 
How can care providers ensure cancer survivors continue to receive adequate follow-up care post treatment?
Segment 7 - Successful Discussions on Advance Care Planning and EOL
November 03, 2016 – 
How can discussions on advance care planning and end-of-life care be successfully broached with patients and their family members?
Segment 6 - Reimbursing Value-Based Oncology Care
November 03, 2016 – 
Panelists discussed how patient-centered care can be valuated in the changing healthcare climate.
Segment 5 - An Ideal Patient Portal
November 03, 2016 – 
Is there anything like an ideal patient portal that can cater to a broad range of patients? According to Rebekkah Schear, MIA, what patient portals lack is a holistic approach toward the patient.
Segment 4 - Overcoming Barriers With Data Exchange
November 03, 2016 – 
How can we create more standardized health information platforms that can easily exchange patient information?
Segment 3 - Challenges With Oncology Care Navigation
November 03, 2016 – 
Cancer is a complex disease to treat an patients can be overwhelmed by the number of care providers that they have to consult with. In this scenario, care navigators can provide significant support to patients and their family members.
Segment 2 - Documenting the Treatment Plan
November 03, 2016 – 
Panelists discuss the need for documenting a treatment plan early in patient care.
Segment 1 - Patient-Centered Care and Shared Decisions in Oncology
November 03, 2016 – 
Joseph Alvarnas, MD, editor-in-chief of Evidence-Based-OncologyTM spoke with Rebekkah Schear, MIA, and Michael Kolodziej, MD, to discuss the progress and challenges in oncology care.
Segment 11: Confronting Gaps in Care Measurement
June 29, 2016 – 
Jennifer Malin, MD, staff vice president, Clinical Strategy, Anthem, said that while there are a lot of quality measures being developed by several organizations, care gaps persist.
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