Rare Neurological Diseases: Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Huntington's Disease

Dr Peter Salgo, MD; Dr John Brandsema, MD; Sika Dunyoh; Dr Maria Lopes, MD, MS; and Dr Surya Singh, MD provide an overview of rare diseases, specifically spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Huntington

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Payer Perspective and Value of Treatment of SMA
August 12, 2019 – 
Surya Singh, MD, provides a payer perspective on the value of treatment for patients with SMA.
Challenges of Payer Criteria and Cost of Therapy for SMA
August 12, 2019 – 
The panel shares challenges providers have based on payer criteria and the impact of cost of therapy.
Knowledge Among Payers and Payer Requirements for Rare Disease
August 05, 2019 – 
Surya Singh, MD, shares his thoughts on the knowledge payers have regarding rare diseases and the requirements for approval.
ENDEAR Study, Patient Factors, and Drug Approval Criteria
August 05, 2019 – 
Panelists share data from the ENDEAR study, including patient factors for its use, and also provide insights on the drug approval criteria.
Approval of Nusinersen for SMA
July 29, 2019 – 
John Brandsema, MD, introduces us to nusinersen, an FDA-approved treatment option for spinal muscular atrophy.
Treatment Goals and Multidisciplinary Management of SMA
July 29, 2019 – 
Experts review the goals of treatment for patients with spinal muscular atrophy and the multidisciplinary management of symptoms.
Economic Burden and Challenges of Trial of SMA
July 22, 2019 – 
The panel shed a light on the economic burden of spinal muscular atrophy and the challenges of trial design.
Diagnostic Tests and Scales of SMA
July 22, 2019 – 
John Brandsema, MD, discusses the diagnostic process for spinal muscular atrophy, including the different functional motor scales used to measure patient function.
Prior Authorization and Payer Test Coverage of SMA
July 15, 2019 – 
The panel discusses the steps required for prior authorization and which tests are covered and required by the payer.
Payer Diagnostic Criteria and Prior Authorization of SMA
July 15, 2019 – 
Surya Singh, MD, provides insights on the diagnostic criteria for spinal muscular atrophy and the review the prior authorization process.
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