May 2016

Seniors, Diabetes, and the Art of Self-Management

May 30, 2016

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

Training seniors to manage their own diabetes takes many hands--most notably, those of the patients themselves. A look at how a diabetes management program serving a diverse population approaches this task.

Technology, Seniors, and Sense Making

May 26, 2016

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

As primary care physicians and leaders of Wellframe, a mobile health company working with payers and physicians groups to extend care between visits for patients with complex comorbidities, Drs Panch and Goodman discuss their experiences building a mobile application used by elderly patients to communicate with clinicians and manage chronic disease.

Widespread Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices Is Essential for a Growing Medicare Population

May 25, 2016

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

When providers move from employing traditional practices to new methods that are steeped in evidence, this benefits patient health. The result is higher-quality, more affordable care, often stemming from lower rates of hospital infections, readmissions, and, in general, improved outcomes.

Diabetes and Medicare Competitive Bidding: The "Perfect Storm" for Patient Harm

May 22, 2016

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

A recent Diabetes Care study found flaws in Medicare's competitive bidding program for diabetes test strips. Two of that study's co-authors discuss the findings and why CMS should suspend the bidding program.

A Medicare Appeal for CGM Coverage: One Patient's Never-Ending Story

May 20, 2016

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

The author, who has lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years, shares his account of a successful appeal of Medicare's policy of refusing to pay for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).