Special Issue: Health Information Technology

Automated Detection of Retinal Disease

January 21, 2015


With diabetes rates projected to rise sharply, automated retinal screening may represent an attractive low-cost option to meet the growing demand for routine screening services.

The 3 Key Themes in Health Information Technology

November 17, 2014


This year's special issue on Health Information Technology (HIT) features an impressive body of new research that reflects progress in the field along an array of dimensions-new timely questions, emerging sources of data, and novel methodologies applied to HIT.

Adoption of Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances Among Providers and Pharmacies

November 17, 2014


We present the first reported national trends in the adoption of electronic prescription of controlled substances, from July 2012 to December 2013. The results show that the uptake rates of this newly allowed process are steadily increasing.

Improving Adherence to Cardiovascular Disease Medications With Information Technology

November 16, 2014


Improving adherence to long-term medication therapy remains a challenge. Health information technology interventions that leverage electronic medical records are promising, low-cost approaches for increasing adherence.