July 2018

The Development of Diabetes Complications in GP-Centered Healthcare

July 20, 2018


This study compared general practitioner–centered healthcare (Hausarztzentrierte Versorgung [HZV]) with non-HZV healthcare in Germany regarding the development of diabetes complications. HZV is associated with reduced risk of diabetes complications.

Examining Differential Performance of 3 Medical Home Recognition Programs

July 19, 2018


We examine utilization, quality, and expenditures among Medicare beneficiaries receiving care at federally qualified health centers and compare outcomes among those attributed to 1 of 3 recognition programs versus none.

Insights on Site-of-Care Cancer Research: Both Quality and Cost Information Are Necessary to Guide Policy

July 19, 2018


The implementation of alternative payment models that successfully capture clinical heterogeneity—without adding unacceptable levels of administrative complexity—may be equally (if not more) important than site-neutral payment policies.

Trends in Primary Care Encounters Across Professional Roles in PCMH

July 17, 2018


A metric of primary care delivery by non–primary care provider clinicians demonstrated increasing trends in patient encounters by nurses and social workers and was responsive to patient-centered medical home implementation.

ACOs With Risk-Bearing Experience Are Likely Taking Steps to Reduce Low-Value Medical Services

July 17, 2018


Experience with risk-based contracting best predicts active engagement of accountable care organizations in reducing low-value medical services, mainly through physician education and encouraging shared decision making.

Forgotten Patients: ACO Attribution Omits Those With Low Service Use and the Dying

July 16, 2018


This article compares clinical and utilization profiles of Medicare patients who are attributed to provider groups with those of patients unattributed to any provider group in accountable care organization models.