A. Mark Fendrick, MD


Changes in Use of Low-Value Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 22, 2022

Use of low-value care services during COVID-19 exhibits substantial heterogeneity but, on average, shows declines similar to the use of high-value services; low-value care use lags behind high-value care use in the rebound phase.

Shifting Away From Emergency Department and Office-Based Urgent Care: No Place Like Home?

April 08, 2022

As promising advances in providing care at home evolve, further research—with special attention to underserved populations—is needed to assess the clinical, equity, and economic impacts and to accelerate implementation where appropriate.

Tailoring Complex Care to Patients’ Needs: Myths, Realities, and Best Next Steps

September 27, 2021

The authors of this editorial highlight some of the myths surrounding complex care management, identify areas where research could be most informative, and recommend best next steps in developing effective and efficient complex care management programs.