August 2018

Impact of a Medical Home Model on Costs and Utilization Among Comorbid HIV-Positive Medicaid Patients

August 16, 2018


Among HIV-positive Medicaid patients with comorbid medical and psychiatric disorders, there was increased outpatient service utilization, yet relative cost savings, for patients who were treated in patient-centered medical homes.

Medicare Advantage Enrollees’ Use of Nursing Homes: Trends and Nursing Home Characteristics

August 13, 2018


The share of Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries in the nursing home (NH) population has been steadily rising, while MA plans appear to be increasingly concentrating beneficiaries in select NHs with better performance on quality measures.

Evaluating HCV Screening, Linkage to Care, and Treatment Across Insurers

August 10, 2018


An optimized hepatitis C virus screening and linkage-to-care process reduces the number of patients lost to follow-up and improves linkage to care for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercially insured patients.