Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Spring 2015 - Episode 10

340B: Additional Burdens

In addition to the challenges surrounding the 340B Drug Pricing Program previously discussed by the managed care stakeholders during this Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Spring 2015 series, Ted Okon, MBA, describes some other ways the consolidation between clinics and hospitals impacts patients.

Mr Okon notes that when consolidation takes place, cancer patients who are in the middle of their course of treatment are sometimes burdened by a sudden increase in the price of their treatments. In some instances, the cost of treatment may rise by 50%.

In addition to being impacted by rising fees, adds Mr Okon, patients are being asked to split up combination therapy, especially in diseases such as multiple myeloma, where patients are treated with a combination of brand drugs and generics. Patients are administered certain medications in a clinic setting, but are then directed to travel to a hospital to receive the rest of their medications so that hospitals may take advantage of the financial benefits of the 340B program, explains Mr Okon.

If the issues surrounding the 340B Drug Pricing Program are not addressed soon, the introduction of oversight will hurt patients, notes Scott Gottlieb, MD.