Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Spring 2015 - Episode 11

340B: Policy Stakeholder Perspectives

During this segment, the managed care stakeholders further discuss the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Brian Kiss, MD, suggests that some stakeholders in healthcare policy are interested in the consolidation brought about by the 340B program despite its burden on community practices and patients.

Scott Gottlieb, MD, and Ted Okon, MBA, explain that healthcare policy stakeholders are interested in the program because they consider integrated delivery systems to be the preferred model for healthcare delivery. Dr Gottlieb remarks that these stakeholders feel that consolidation can simplify the way healthcare is administered.

As a result, Dr Gottlieb adds, local healthcare monopolies are being created, which will ultimately drive up the cost of care and create additional challenges. For example, policy makers are focusing on large integrated delivery systems. However, healthcare is very localized and the dynamics of how smaller, local practices care for patients are different from those of major institutions, suggests Dr Gottlieb.

Ultimately, the current political administration wants a single payer system, says Mr Okon.