5 Things to Look for at AHIP's Institute & Expo

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Healthcare leaders and experts will come together to discuss disruptors, consumer engagement, digital health, and more at the AHIP Institute & Expo, being held June 15-17 in Las Vegas.

The United States healthcare system is facing a number of challenges, but is also being presented with plenty of opportunities as it moves away from fee-for-service toward value-based care and an environment of accountability. At America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)’s Institute & Expo, healthcare leaders and experts will come together to discuss disruptors, consumer engagement, digital health, and more.

Here are 5 things to keep an eye out for at the upcoming AHIP Institute & Expo, being held June 15-17 in Las Vegas.

1. Social determinants of health

On the first day of the meeting, presenters will discuss how lack of education, low income, and characteristics of neighborhoods and social networks can affect health. Social determinants of health care gaining more attention as various initiatives at the federal, state, local, and provider level emerge. The speakers will highlight ways health systems are working to meet patients’ social needs.

2. Disruptors will be in attendance

AHIP will be giving healthcare disruptors a voice with a general session that includes Vivek Garipalli of Clover Health, Kyle Rolfing of Bright Health, Mario Schlosser of Oscar, and Tom Vanderheyden of Harken Health. All 4 companies are working to reimagine healthcare and health insurance. Bright Health is so new that it hasn’t started selling plans to consumers yet.


The panelists will spend the session discussing why they entered the health insurance market and how they think differently about the consumer compared with traditional health insurers.

3. Technology

Wearables, digital health, mHealth, telemedicine, and more will spend some time in the spotlight. Various sessions will highlight topics such as how digital technologies can be used to meet the needs of consumers; how the wearable landscape has evolved and will impact healthcare; and real-world applications of mobile in healthcare.

Plus, a panel on the first day of the meeting will explore the digital health landscape and how startups and healthcare organizations have been partnering, and when we can see a return on investment.

4. Presidential election

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in November and AHIP will devote time to discuss what each of their presidencies could mean for healthcare in the United States. The final general session of the meeting will feature Stephani Cutter, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, and Nicolle Wallace, a political analyst and former White House director of communications.

The 2 women will be followed by Jeb Bush, former presidential candidate and governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Bush will generally address key challenges facing America, and it seems likely that the upcoming presidential election could be a topic of discussion.

5. Volume to value

It wouldn’t be a proper health insurance conference without at least 1 big panel covering the move to value-based care and how payers and providers can collaborate for success. Panelists on the second day will discuss new reimbursement and care delivery models and which ones have been successful when it comes to generating savings and improving outcomes?

In addition, on the last day of the meeting, Lili Brillstein from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and Andrew Pecora, MD, from Regional Cancer Care Associates will discuss bundled payments and the promise they hold for oncology services.