AJMC® in the Press, May 10, 2019

Coverage of our peer-reviewed research and news reporting in the healthcare and mainstream press.

An article from SmartBrief highlighted The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®)’s coverage of World Health Care Congress 2019. The article, “Unlocking Innovation in Value-Based Care,” covered a session in which panelists offered a comprehensive look at what’s driving the shift to value-based care, what works and what doesn’t, and where consolidation fits into the mix.

The National Pharmaceutical Council’s Monday CER Daily Newsfeed included an article from AJMC®’s sister site The Center for Biosimilars®. The article, “Canadian Organizations Collaborate on Oncology Biosimilars Initiative,” covered the announcement that the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance and Cancer Care Ontario have partnered to create a pan-Canadian Oncology Biosimilars Initiative, which aims to ensure appropriate implementation and cost-effective use of therapeutic oncology biosimilars across Canada.

Tuesday’s newsfeed also included an article from The Center for Biosimilars®. The article, “As Evidence Base for Biosimilars, So Too Will Confidence in Switching, Review Says,” covered a review that examined the current literature on switching and said that additional education and ongoing real-world evidence collection will be necessary to increasing stakeholder comfort with biosimilars.

OBR Oncology’s Wednesday newsfeed included the AJMC® article “HHS Finalizes Rule Requiring Disclosure of Drug Prices in TV Ads.” The article covered the announcement from the Trump administration that it had finalized a rule requiring drug manufacturers to disclose drug prices in TV ads for drugs covered by Medicare and Medicaid if the wholesale acquisition cost is $35 or more for a month’s supply.