AJMC in the Press, May 27, 2016

Recent coverage of our peer-reviewed research, in the healthcare and mainstream press.

HealthIT Analytics cited 2 studies from The American Journal of Managed Care this week. Jennifer Bresnick covered the study from the May 2016 issue, “Implementing a Hybrid Approach to Select Patients for Care Management: Variations Across Practices,” led by Christine Vogeli, PhD. As Bresnick writes, practices differ in how they select high-risk patients for care management programs, but most focus on older, sicker patients from the lower end of the socioeconomic scale.

An April 2015 study, “Persistent High Utilization in a Privately Insured Population,” led by Wenke Hwang, PhD, was cited in Jacqueline Belliveau’s article on efforts by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois to launch an oncology medical home to improve care coordination. The Hwang study discussed the value of patient-centered care models in light of findings that chronic disease patients cost 17 times more than other patients.