By 2020, Most States Will Be on the Federal Exchange

I'll say it: I think most states, if not all, will be on the Federal exchange by the end of the decade.

As ObamaCare launched last fall you’ll recall 16 states started their own exchanges.

Seven were State/Federal partnerships (effectively operated by the Federal exchange for most functions), and 27 states were supported purely by the Federal Exchange.

Ironically, most of these were in red states where Congressional delegations and governors and state legislatures wailed about a “Federal takeover of healthcare,” and that’s exactly what they got by their inaction. We knew at least 3 would have no choice but to drop out after the first year and go Federal. As preparations continue for ObamaCare’s second enrollment period in October, it’s now clear at least half of the state-based exchanges are going Federal in 2015.

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Source: Healthcare Payer News

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