The Evolution and Clinical Impact of Diagnostic Testing - Episode 12

Can Genomic Testing Help Offset Cancer Care Costs?

Emphasizing the importance of evaluating the big picture when it comes to diagnostic testing, David C. Collymore, MD, MBA, said, “When we think about genomic testing, and when we consider the total cost of care for oncology treatment, it may seem like it’s increasing the cost of care. But if we can get to a point where our outcomes are improved—although it may be a financial increase in terms of cost—if we can save lives, then the overall effect is positive.”

Rationalizing the expense that may be associated with diagnostic testing, Dr Collymore explained that it’s essential to move beyond the actual cost of care and start thinking about, “are we improving quality of life, are we saving lives, are we curing cancers…that really should be the focus,” he said.

“If done right, we will eventually get to a point where we’ll encounter cost savings. With genetic and genomic testing, if we can see a decrease in the incidence of cancer, it’s a tremendous cost saving,” said Dr Collymore. He strongly believes that even with an increase in the total cost of care per patient, if genomic testing can have an impact on the overall population, it will prove economically feasible for a healthcare system.