Dr Michael Diaz Previews In-person Tampa IVBM Meeting

Michael Diaz, MD, president and managing physician, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, previews the Tampa meeting of The American Journal of Managed Care®'s Institute for Value-Based Medicine® (IVBM), cohosted by Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.

The latest advances in personalized care and precision medicine will be addressed at the upcoming in-person Institute for Value-Based Medicine® (IVBM) meeting in Tampa, Florida, said Michael Diaz, MD, president and managing physician, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.


Can you discuss the theme of the upcoming Tampa IVBM Meeting?

We're so excited to be able to hold that here in Tampa, Florida, but more specifically, closely to where I live in practice in Tampa. We're going to be highlighting several different components that I think are important for everybody to know.

We want everybody to know and understand the advances that we're making with personalized care and personalized medicine, hat does that mean for the patients, how is that accomplished with new advanced testing techniques, and then how that's achieved with new medications. And I think one of the things that we will continue to see, especially as time evolves, the more personalized we can make the medicine, the more effective it will be for the patients, the better outcomes we're going to have. It's going to be a win-win.

Why are in-person meetings important for physicians as we emerge from the pandemic?

That's a very interesting question. In-person meetings are irreplaceable. It allows us to have quick access to some of the most amazing colleagues we will ever have. We can curbside people, we can ask questions, we can stimulate thought, we get ideas—there's a lot of synergy that results very quickly after having an in-person meeting that just cannot be duplicated with virtual meetings.

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