Immunotherapy - Episode 14

Episode 14 - Conclusion: Final Thoughts Concerning Immunotherapy

During this segment, the panelists share their final insights about the future of immunotherapy.

Jeffrey Weber, MD, PhD, believes that treating patients with immunotherapy will benefit all parties involved in healthcare and does not fear the shift toward “Obamacare.” Dr Weber explains that even as treatment decisions become more data driven, he does not believe that much will change in the way that great physicians consider and treat their patients.

Daniel J. George, MD, is equally excited for the future of immunotherapy, although he is concerned that there is currently an educational lag when considering the different factors associated with immunotherapy. However, he does believe that as immunotherapy becomes a more common treatment modality for fields other than oncology, this barrier will be overcome.

Michael Kolodziej, MD, concludes the discussion by explaining that immunotherapy is in its “golden age.” Furthermore, Dr Kolodziej believes that healthcare reform offers the oncology field, pharmaceutical industry, and the entire healthcare enterprise the opportunity to redefine their roles in positive ways.