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Episode 14 - Conclusion: Final Thoughts Concerning Immunotherapy
November 13, 2013 – 
As the discussion concludes, the panelists share their final insights about the development and future of immunotherapy.
Episode 13 - Healthcare Reform's Impact on Immunotherapy (Part 2)
November 13, 2013 – 
During this segment, the panelists review the factors that oncologists will need to practice or consider when treating patients with a therapy option such as immunotherapy. Although cost is of concern, the panelists suggest that determining value is important. Transparency, fairness, shared decision making, and consumerism will all play a role when considering the benefits of a treatment option.
Epsiode 12 - Healthcare Reform's Impact on Immunotherapy (Part 1)
November 13, 2013 – 
Panelists explore the benefits of healthcare reform and share their insights about the new system's role when treating patients with therapy options such as immunotherapy.
Epsiode 11 - The Impact of Combination Therapies on Resource Allocations
September 20, 2013 – 
During this segment, the panelists discuss the high costs associated with combination therapies for the treatment of cancer. As oncologists determine which therapy option is right for their patients, they should explore the overall benefits of treatment and look at the patient's chances for overall survival.
Episode 10 - Measuring Economic Burden or Value Against Clinical Outcomes
September 20, 2013 – 
During this segment, the panelists explain the challenges associated with a pharmaceutical product's cost versus its benefit and conclude that there is a need for a better system in the United States. As the country shifts toward a more value-based insurance design, providers will need to help their patients make more informed decisions about their medical treatment.
Episode 9 - The Payer Approach to Immunotherapy
September 04, 2013 – 
As different organizations develop different coverage policies for cancer research and treatment, cost differentials and coverage policy inconsistencies affect the treatments recommended by providers. The panelists discuss some of the factors that make this situation difficult to address.
Episode 8 - A Managed Care Approach to Immunotherapy
September 04, 2013 – 
Dr Daniel J. George and Dr Jeffrey Weber explore desirable end points when treating patients with cancer and determine that patients' goals are achieved in instances where they can experience a decent quality of life without experiencing disease progression. For this reason, although tumor response is important, it should not be considered as an ultimate end point.
Episode 7 - Immunotherapy: Where Is It At? Where Is It Headed?
August 23, 2013 – 
Although immunotherapy is still relatively new, key trials discussed in this segment continue to establish positive results, providing evidence that immunotherapy will play a promising role in the future for the treatment of cancer.
Episode 6 - Recommended Guidelines and Payer Challenges
August 23, 2013 – 
Factors such as health coverage inconsistencies and the lack of health coverage challenge providers to offer treatment as suggested by important guidelines that now recommend immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer.
Episode 5 - Recent Additions to the Pipeline
August 02, 2013 – 
During this segment, Daniel J. George, MD, and Jeffrey Weber, MD, PhD, explore recently approved immunotherapy agents for the treatment of cancer, discuss their clinical effectiveness on survival, and explain how their safety profiles differ from standardized therapy options such as chemotherapy.
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