Immunotherapy - Episode 12

Epsiode 12 - Healthcare Reform's Impact on Immunotherapy (Part 1)

The Supreme Court’s approval of the Affordable Care Act leads the panelists into a discussion about how healthcare reform will affect the coverage of treatment modalities such as immunotherapy.

Although it remains unclear how the new system will affect cancer care, Daniel George, MD, believes that patients will benefit.

Jeffrey Weber, MD, PhD, explains that under “Obamacare” fewer patients will be uninsured. As a result, practitioners will be able to see and treat more patients.

The panelists agree that under the new system professionals will be able to treat patients with immunotherapy because patients will now have coverage to receive treatment. Before, immunotherapy was not always an option.

Additionally, Dr Weber explains that healthcare reform should not affect smaller practices any differently from larger practices. However, the panelists agree that it will be necessary under the new care system that any issues of wasteful spending be addressed, as this is currently extremely common.