Episode 16 - Impact of Electronic Medical Records in Oncology Practices

As electronic health records (EHRs) become standard in practice, it is important to consider their value as well as address any challenges that affect their utilization. In this segment, Peter Salgo, MD; John L. Fox, MD, MHA; Michael Kolodziej, MD; Bryan Loy, MD; and Irwin W. Tischler, DO, discuss the impact of EHR adoption on medical oncology.

Dr Tischler notes that when constructed correctly, EHR programs are extremely valuable in promoting continuity of care. However, he remarks that the programs must be interchangeable. Many different companies currently offer EHR programs, but not every program is compatible with every other. Also, some EHR programs are easy to use, and others more difficult.

The panelists also discuss the cost burden on small practices of adopting EHR programs. The adoption of an EHR program is essential to the practice of medical oncology; however, small practices are especially impacted by the high costs of these programs. In some instances, the cost of EHR programs may influence a small practice’s decision of whether to become part of a hospital-affiliated system.

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