Rare Disease : Episode 17

Episode 18 - The Role of Specialty Pharmacies in Rare Diseases

During this segment, the panelists discuss the various roles that specialty pharmacies perform to assist patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and hemophilia.

Hugh Fatodu, RPh, MBA, explains that in SLE, where the disease presents in many different ways and affects many different organ systems, specialty pharmacies coordinate the massive flow of information between different healthcare specialties.

Patrick F. Fogarty, MD, recognizes programs organized by hemophilia treatment centers that provide cost saving incentives and enhance patient care.

However, Maria Lopes, MD, MS, shares her concern about the expensive costs of investigational drugs and the lack of coverage to patients who may require necessary treatment with these products. Dr Lopes suggests that in order to ensure that all treatment options are considered appropriately, there is a need for dynamic conversation between key opinion leaders to discuss missed opportunities within the medical field.

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