Episode 5 - Utilization of Clinical Pathways in Oncology

Drs Peter Salgo, John L. Fox, Ira M. Klein, Michael Kolodziej, Bryan Loy, Irwin W. Tischler, and Christopher Sweeney discuss the high costs associated with oncology drugs and explain how clinical pathway are being implemented to manage drug utilization and incentivize providers.

Drs Loy and Kolodziej explain when considering and developing a clinical pathway, together providers and payers evaluate the clinical efficacy, tolerability/side effect profile, and cost effectiveness of treatments.

Although most pathways are based on evidence, various factors may still make providers unable to resistant to utilizing a specific from utilizing a specific algorithm when treating patients in their practice, comment Drs Tischler and Klein. Dr Tischler notes that if a provider is against utilizing the suggested pathway, there is little that can change his or her thinking. Dr Klein adds that if the provider chooses not to adhere to the pathway, payers may not reimburse for the treatment. Where there may be a dearth of clinical evidence, Dr Sweeney stresses the utility of consensus guidelines in providing optimal care for each cancer patient.

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