Episode 6 - Measuring the Success of Clinical Pathways

During this segment, experts Peter Salgo, MD; John L. Fox, MD, MHA; Ira M. Klein, MD, MBA, FACP; Michael Kolodziej, MD; Bryan Loy, MD; and Irwin W. Tischler, DO, discuss the challenges of measuring provider adherence to clinical pathways.

Dr Klein notes that after payers and providers agree to implement clinical pathways, gathering feedback on treatment outcomes and providing this information to clinicians is an essential part of total quality management.

However, Dr Fox explains that the expansion of personalized medicine has created challenges with gathering feedback on oncology treatment. Tests are available for a variety of biomarkers, and the number of branches in clinical pathways is increasing, making it difficult to accurately collect data and provide feedback.

Dr Tischler notes that ordering genomic tests and reviewing the test results prior to initiating treatment can help ensure that patients receive appropriate therapy. Despite the importance of genomic testing, Dr Loy warns that providers may order tests but initiate therapy without reviewing the results, or order genomic testing even though they do not intend to treat the patient. Together, Drs Tischler, Salgo, and Loy conclude that if there is no intention to treat a patient, genomic testing is not needed.

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