GOP Tries Again on Medicare Overhaul

House Republican leaders introduced a budget proposal Tuesday that contained proposals for overhauling Medicare and Medicaid similar to those in last year's failed bill.

"Real, specific reform is needed to strengthen the health and retirement security of seniors, and the economic security of all Americans," House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said in a video posted Monday on his website. "Our plan includes no changes for those in or near retirement ... [It] puts patients in control of their healthcare decisions. "

But if those 55 and older won't see any changes in Medicare under the proposal, those under 55, however, will be given a choice between traditional fee-for-service Medicare and several private insurance plans once they become eligible for coverage. All of the private plans would be required to cover "at least the actuarial equivalent of the benefit package provided by fee-for-service Medicare," according to the proposal.

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Source: MedPage Today