Sen Hatch Vows to Dismantle Health Law

The new Republican chairman of the Senate Finance Committee says the GOP will chip away at Obamacare "piece by piece." Still, he says he will work with Democrats to continue funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program and overhauling Medicare pay for doctors.

While Republicans cannot expect a full repeal of the health law while President Barack Obama remains in office, the GOP intends to “strike away at it, piece by piece,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said Tuesday.

But in a speech at the US Chamber of Commerce, Hatch also said he expected that Republican and Democratic lawmakers would work together on several other key pieces of health legislation.

Hatch said there may be more bipartisanship in some “must pass items,” including continued funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and overhauling the way Medicare pays physicians, known as the “sustainable growth rate.”

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