Health Policy Wonks Show the Love on Twitter With #HealthPolicyValentines

Every year, health policy wonks get into the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day with poetry, puns, and more on Twitter using the popular hashtag #HealthPolicyValentines. We round up some of the best.

Every year, health policy wonks get into the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day with poetry, puns, and more on Twitter. The popular #HealthPolicyValentines picks up speed the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Twitter users participating in the hashtag touched upon almost subject imaginable from current news, like the recent situation in Kentucky, where the new Republican governor is planning to dismantle the state’s successful health insurance exchange:

Let's kynect while we still can. #HealthPolicyValentines

— Adrianna McIntyre (@onceuponA) February 11, 2016

#kynect and Medicaid

work hand in hand

Kentucky’s success

is the best in the land #HealthPolicyValentines#dontdiskynect

— Mary Cobb (@maryrcobb) February 12, 2016

There were mentions of Martin Shkreli:

My love for you has grown by 5,000% overnight #pharmabro #HealthPolicyValentines

— Medicaid Health Plan (@MHPA) February 11, 2016

There are thousands of Bernie Bros but you're the only Pharma Bro for me, @MartinShkreli #HealthPolicyValentines

— Emma Sandoe (@emma_sandoe) February 11, 2016

There were puns:

Nice RAC. #HealthPolicyValentines

— Adrianna McIntyre (@onceuponA) February 11, 2016

We're attached at the #HIPAA. Let's be #HealthPolicyValentines

— Deanna Moore (@DeannaBMoore) February 12, 2016

And some surprisingly good poetry:

It is unquestionably true

You belong to me

And I belong to you*

*Based on the plurality of encounters#HealthPolicyValentines #ACO

— Farzad Mostashari (@Farzad_MD) February 11, 2016

Girl, your body got me acting a fool

Come over and let me show you my two-midnight rule#HealthPolicyValentines#PleaseClap

— Ali Khan (@alikhan28) February 11, 2016

Some political comments:

My love for you is deeper than a NHS budget cut #HealthPolicyValentines

— Hayley Jayawardene (@Riff_Raff) February 12, 2016

My love for you can't be repealed or replaced, just like the #aca #HealthPolicyValentines

— Erin Seidler (@eeseidler) February 12, 2016

And even government employees got in on the action:

If you won't data share

You don't patient care#HealthPolicyValentines

— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) February 12, 2016

It's like you are Obamacare and I'm a Republican.

After five years I still can't think of a way to replace you. #HealthPolicyValentines

— Mark Takano (@RepMarkTakano) February 11, 2016

I got 99 problems but a precondition ain't one. #HealthPolicyValentines

— Steven Posnack (@HealthIT_Policy) February 11, 2016

And more:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways (using 81 measures across 5 domains of care). #HEDIS #healthpolicyvalentines

— NCQA (@NCQA) February 12, 2016

I accountable care for you #healthpolicyvalentines

— AHIP (@AHIPCoverage) February 11, 2016

This year, The American Journal of Managed Care got into the spirit:

I will always share my savings with you. #MSSP #HealthPolicyValentines

— AJMC (@AJMC_Journal) February 11, 2016

Ain't no drug price high enough, ain’t no network narrow enough to keep me from getting to you babe #HealthPolicyValentines

— AJMC (@AJMC_Journal) February 11, 2016

All the single payers, all the single payers #HealthPolicyValentines

— AJMC (@AJMC_Journal) February 11, 2016

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