Healthcare Executives Share Strategy for Value-Based Care: Population Management

Midas+ Solutions, a healthcare company specializing in quality management, asked C-level healthcare executives to define population health management.

Midas+ Solutions, a healthcare company specializing in quality management, conducted a poll of C-level healthcare executives at it's annual symposium. Representing more than 480 hospitals, the executives were asked to present their perspective on population health management and the factors that define it. The gist of most definitions was what is reverberating across different healthcare systems: facilitating care across the healthcare continuum and highest quality care at the lowest cost.

The executives ranked the factors in the following order:

  • Facilitates care across the health continuum
  • Supports providing the highest quality of care at the lowest cost
  • Uses actionable insight for patient care based on a variety of data
  • Targets a specific population of individuals
  • Enables patient engagement

Based on their responses, most healthcare organizations are already on top of the game: 65% responders were confident that their organization will deliver fully-scaled population health management programs within 5 years, while 16% indicated that they active population management programs in their organization.

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