Healthcare Providers' Trust in Payers 'Abominably Low'

A survey designed to measure the level of trust that hospital executives have in health insurance companies finds several factors that contribute to low scores, including the length of time it takes for claims to be paid, and the rates hospitals and physicians are paid.

It may come as a shock, but new research confirms it: Healthcare providers do not trust payers.

Payers scored poorly on all three of the new trust questions in the annual National Payor Survey conducted by ReviveHealth, a Nashville, TN-based strategic communications firm and Catalyst Healthcare Research. The results from the final question, which asked providers whether a particular payer "balances its interests with ours and doesn't routinely take advantage of us," were particularly dire.

"I was surprised that the numbers were as bleak as they were on [that] last question," said Brandon Edwards, CEO of Nashville-based ReviveHealth. "It's very hard to lawyer your way around that, or to contract your way around that."

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Source: Health Leaders Media