AJMC® in the Press, January 25, 2019

Coverage of our peer-reviewed research and news reporting in the healthcare and mainstream press.

US News and World Report’s article on virtual doctor visits centered around a study published in The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®). The study, “Patient and Clinician Experiences With Telehealth for Patient Follow-up Care,” found that telemedicine visits may be used with established patients for follow-up care without a loss of patient satisfaction with communication with providers and with enhanced convenience and reduced travel time.

The AJMC® study “Understanding the Relationship Between Data Breaches and Hospital Advertising Expenditures” was mentioned in an article from Health IT Security. The study concluded that hospitals with breaches had significantly higher (64%) advertising expenditures in the 2 years following the breach.

An AJMC® contributor article was highlighted by Nonprofit Quarterly. The contributor article, “Connecting the Whole Person to Whole Care,” discussed that as healthcare providers work to provide care that their patients need, many struggle with how to treat the whole person, as well as how to efficiently monitor their outcomes.

An article from AJMC®’s sister site The Center for Biosimilars® was highlighted on the website of Congressman John Sarbanes, D-Maryland. The article, “Klobuchar and Grassley Reintroduce Legislation to Address Pay-for-Delay Tactics,” covered the senators’ bipartisan legislation aimed at prohibiting brand name drug companies from compensating generic drug companies to delay the entry of their generic into market, as well as prohibiting biologics manufacturers from compensating biosimilar developers to delay the entry of biosimilars into market.

The Biologics Prescribers Collaborative’s January Biologics & Biosimilars Bulletin included articles from AJMC® and The Center for Biosimilars®. The AJMC® article, “The Key Biosimilar Developments of 2018,” highlighted the biggest news for biosimilars in 2018, including UnitedHealthcare naming 3 biosimilars preferred treatments in 2019 Medicare Advantage plans. The monthly newsletter included The Center for Biosimilars® article “Lack of Biosimilar Awareness Persists in the US and Europe, Review Finds,” which covered a report's findings that providers are still taking a cautious approach to biosimilars in part because of a lack of awareness, as well as the article “Advocacy Group Releases patient Guide to Biosimilar Therapies,” which covered a patient organization’s releasing of the first edition of its guide to biosimilars that offers patients detailed answers on the most commonly asked questions about the medicines.

The newsletter also included FDA news from The Center for Biosimilars®. The article “FDA Outlines New Plans for Biosimilars in 4 Guidance Documents and Proposed Rule” reported on the agency’s significant steps toward a long-awaited transition of insulins and other products that have historically been regulated as drugs and follow-ons to regulation as biologics and biosimilars, and the article “FDA Approves Celltrion’s Rituximab Biosimilar, Truxima” covered the agency’s approval of the biosimilar, referencing Rituxan, for the treatment of adults with CD20-positive, B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma either as monotherapy or in combination with chemotherapy.