IHI's Leadership Alliance Proposes It's Own Healthcare Redesign

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A healthcare blog from experts at The Commonwealth Fund evaluates how the Affordable Care Act is transforming care delivery across institutions.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), has formed a team of 40 health systems to observe, and learn from, the influence of the Affordable Care Act on the functioning of each healthcare system. Called the "Leadership Alliance," the team has proposed it's own set of rules that they think would improve healthcare delivery:

  • Change the balance of power
  • Standardize what makes sense
  • Customize to the individual
  • Collaborate/cooperate
  • Eliminate walls
  • Assume abundance
  • Return the money
  • Make it easy
  • Move knowledge, not people
  • Create well being
  • Create joy in work

Read a blog from experts at The Commonwealth Fund that delves deeper into some of these proposals from the Alliance: