Improving Patient and Provider Engagement

A cardiology expert considers the future of lipid management within health systems and ways they can improve engagement from all parties.

Leandro N. Slipczuk, MD, PhD: To improve the engagement between providers and patients, we have a lot more options. The growth of telemedicine, apps, and different options keep patients on track and up to date and keep physicians on track as well. There’s a lot of work being done on using our health care records, for example, to help us with this. There’s a problem if you have 10,000 alerts every time you log in to a patient chart because you’re more likely to ignore them. We have to identify the right alerts for the right patients and how we deal with these alerts. If we have 20 alerts pop up for physicians, but there’s no support on how to deal with this, that doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t have any benefit. It’s essential to be proactive, working with specialists and health care records and setting up help and assistance to provide the right care for patients.

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

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