Improving Treatment Adherence

David May, MD, PhD, FACC, explores strategies that can improve rates of adherence to treatment among patients with cardiovascular conditions. Dr May explains that it is important for all professionals involved in a patient’s care to assess and reinforce the patient’s knowledge base, and notes that this can improve adherence rates.

Additionally, Dr May notes that electronic reminder systems and mobile apps can help remind patients and their family members when it is time to take medication. Simplified dosing regimens can also improve treatment adherence, says Dr May.

In addition to communication techniques, electronic reminder systems, and mobile apps, Dr May discusses how the use of newer oral anticoagulants, such as rivaroxaban, apixaban, and dabigatran, can enhance care for patients with cardiovascular conditions. He notes that prior to the introduction of these newer agents, treatment options either required routine blood tests or were administered via injection. In contrast, routine blood tests are not required with the newer oral anticoagulants, and this may lead to better adherence outcomes.

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