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Inaugural 'Giants of Cancer Care†Announced: Oncology Luminaries Selected by Peers for Prestigious National Honor

Evidence-Based OncologyJuly/August
Volume 19
Issue SP6

OncLive, a sister news portal to Evidence-Based Oncology, on July 26, 2013, unveiled the inaugural class of “Giants of Cancer Care.” An advisory panel of eminent oncologists chose 12 honorees to be recognized for their remarkable achievements in research and/or clinical practice. The Giants of Cancer Care awards recognize and celebrate individuals who have achieved landmark success within the field of oncology.

The inaugural class of “Giants” was announced at a reception during the 14th International Lung Cancer Congress, hosted by Physicians’ Education Resource, LLC, an affiliate of MJH Associates, the parent company of OncLive. Each of the winners will be individually profiled in a special edition of OncologyLive and prominently featured on OncLive.com. MJH Associates Chairman and CEO Mike Hennessy said, “We’re proud to honor these exemplary members of the oncology profession. These ‘Giants’ have dedicated their lives to improving the quality and quantity of life for cancer patients. Our enormous gratitude is the foundation of this program.”

In evaluating criteria for selection to the inaugural class of Giants, the Advisory Panel considered “pioneers,” characterized by individuals who have amassed a large body of work and have already accomplished their most notable contributions to oncology; and separately, “innovators,” those who recently (within the past 10-15 years) have made a significant contribution to patient care, clinical trials, or translational research.

For more information, visit us online at giants.onclive.com.

Breast: Bernard Fisher, MD University of Pittsburgh Pioneer in our understanding of the biology and treatment of breast cancer

Gastrointestinal: Bert Vogelstein, MD Johns Hopkins Medicine Pioneer who discovered the molecular basis of colorectal cancer

Genetics: Elizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD University of California, San Francisco Innovator and Nobel Prize winner for her discoveries of the genetic composition and function of telomeres

Genitourinary: Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD Indiana University Pioneered the development of life-saving treatment for testicular cancer

Head & Neck: Everett E. Vokes, MD University of Chicago Innovator of concomitant chemoradiation therapy and curative treatment approaches for head and neck cancers

Leukemia: Brian J. Druker, MD Oregon Health & Science University Innovator of targeted therapies for chronic myeloid leukemia

Lung: Thomas J. Lynch, Jr, MD Yale Cancer Center Pioneered the use of molecular testing for EGFR mutations in lung cancer

Lymphoma: Vincent T. DeVita, Jr, MD Yale Cancer Center Innovator of combination chemotherapy regimens for large cell lymphomas

Melanoma: Steven A. Rosenberg, MD National Cancer Institute Pioneered the use of adoptive immunotherapy in melanoma

Myeloma: Robert A. Kyle, MD Mayo Clinic Pioneer and respected leader in myeloma research, treatment, and education

Prostate: Charles L. Sawyers, MD Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Innovator of novel androgenreceptor inhibitor for treatment of advanced prostate cancer

Scientific Advances: Judah Folkman, MD (deceased) Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital Father of angiogenesis

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