Infographic: Chain Restaurant Salads vs. Fast Food Burgers - Calorie Showdown

A recent article by contributor Jennifer Major, MS, RD, explored the calorie counts in the popular salads sold at chain restaurants nationwide and how they stack up to fast food like burgers.

Customers seeking a healthy meal on the run may be inclined to grab a salad from a chain restaurant, but an analysis of nutrition data by Noom Coach finds that these salads may be packed with calories. In an article on, contributor Jennifer Major, MS, RD, Noom’s clinical lead, explains how the calories can add up in these supposedly healthy salads.

The main culprits, Major explains, are fatty toppings and high-calorie dressings, as well as add-ons like fried chicken. Even though it’s easy to wind up ordering a salad with more calories than a fast-food burger, a few simple choices can help keep your salad’s calorie count under control.

For more on the results of the calorie showdown between salads and burgers, as well as tips for ordering a healthier salad, see the infographic below.