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Interview with Reynold A. Panettieri Jr, MD: Incorporating Key Updates From GOLD Into the Clinical Management of COPD


Reynold A. Panettieri Jr, MD, a seasoned pulmonary physician with 30 years of experience, specializes in severe airflow obstruction, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in its chronic bronchitis and emphysema forms. COPD stands among the top 5 global causes of death, characterized by progressive, debilitating nature and severe exacerbations. Therapeutic options, though evolving, have seen fewer innovations compared to asthma.

Underdiagnosis of COPD poses significant challenges as patients adapt to declining lung function, impacting daily life irreversibly. The subtle progression often leads to late diagnoses. Factors contributing to underdiagnosis include the insidious nature of COPD and its similarity to other conditions like cardiovascular disease, resulting in oversight during diagnosis.

Limited access and familiarity with spirometry among primary care physicians contribute to underdiagnosis. Guidelines like the GOLD report offer standardized approaches for managing COPD but require streamlining for practical implementation, emphasizing individualized care.

GOLD 2023 altered COPD management guidelines, advocating precision therapy and restricting inhaled corticosteroid use to patients with exacerbating phenotypes. The emphasis on early intervention and identification of high-risk individuals marks a pivotal shift in COPD management, aiming to mitigate the disease's considerable global burden.

Panettieri emphasizes that future GOLD reports need to address COPD subtypes, develop new biomarkers for categorization and treatment prediction, and anticipate the introduction of biologics for COPD management. Smoking cessation remains paramount in tackling COPD.

Panettieri highlights the need for innovative approaches in COPD management to enhance therapeutic responses, accurately predict progression, and identify distinct COPD phenotypes contributing to increased morbidity and mortality.

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For other articles and videos in this AJMC® Perspectives publication, please visit "Managed Care Considerations in COPD: Value-Based Strategies and Updated Guidance From GOLD"

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