Mississippi Bill Would Examine Medicaid, Healthcare Costs

A Republican in the Mississippi House has introduced a bill that would create a 13-person commission on the future of Medicaid and healthcare.

Medicaid in Mississippi becomes a major debate come state budget time, with proponents arguing for the federal dollars that would feed the healthcare pool for those in need and detractors decrying a seemingly ever-escalating supply of state dollars required to prime the program's pump.

A Pine Belt legislator wants to formalize and focus those discussions in Jackson, drilling down to what is driving the program's costs and what the state might be able to do to curtail expenses.

Rep Toby Barker (R-Hattiesburg) introduced House Bill 957 that would create a 13-person "Commission on the Future of Medicaid and Health Care in Mississippi."

The bill passed the House 96-22 and now moves to the Senate.

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Source: Hattiesburg American