New Platform for Healthcare Price Transparency Launched

A physician expresses his frustration with the lack of clarity in healthcare costs and explains the advantage of price transparency in easing a patient's worries as well as reducing healthcare utilization by increasing physician awareness.

I tossed and turned during many sleepless nights as a cancer patient. Some nights from nausea, some from pain. Some from sadness, some even from being cold without hair. There were nights where I feared my next surgery or next treatment. Nights fretting about the scan or blood work -- had it spread? Would I see my graduation in 3 months? These are all predictable and were largely understood by those around me.

What many didn't know, except for those closest to me, were the nights I stayed awake thinking about money. I distinctly remember one bill for $50,000. I was a college senior back in 2002, when doctors diagnosed me with metastatic testicular cancer. Where am I supposed to find $50,000? My job cleaning glassware in the chemistry department wasn't going to cut it.

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