Innovative Payment Models in Oncology - Episode 4

Next Generation ACO Model and Oncology Medical Home Model

During this segment, Michael Kolodziej, MD, and Ted Okon, MBA, discuss how programs such as CMS’ Next Generation ACO model and the Community Oncology Alliance’s (COA’s) Oncology Medical Home model are transforming oncology care.

Despite CMS’s effort to analyze the results of the implementation of the Pioneer ACO and Medicare Shared Savings Program models, and consequently implement changes into their new Next Generation ACO model, Dr Kolodziej and Mr Okon are not confident that all of the learnings from these programs have been incorporated.

Dr Kolodziej expects organizations on the private sector side to have more success in altering this type of care delivery model. Dr Kolodziej highlights the efforts of the COA specifically, and discusses their latest initiative, an enhanced version of their Oncology Medical Home model that includes a reformed reimbursement methodology.

Mr Okon further explains how the Oncology Medical Home model has developed, discusses how the Oncology Medical Home model differs from other innovative delivery models (eg, the CMS ACO models), and describes how new models can aid in the transformation of oncology care.

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