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OneOncology Partners With Clearview Cancer Institute and Names New Disease Group Chairs; FCS Appoints Executive Board Members

Evidence-Based OncologyFebruary 2024
Volume 30
Issue 2
Pages: SP150-SP151

Business and practice updates from our Strategic Alliance Partners.

News from our Strategic Alliance Partners includes a new partnership for OneOncology and a new round of Disease Group chairs for the Nashville, Tennessee–based platform, as well as 2 new executive board members for Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.

Clearview Cancer Institute Announces Partnership
OneOncology has announced the finalization of a partnership with Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI) in Huntsville, Alabama. This collaboration will support the delivery of cancer-related services throughout Alabama communities. The cancer care practice is the 20th to join OneOncology.1

OneOncology logo | Image credit: OneOncology

CCI operates in 13 cancer care clinics throughout Alabama, including locations in Florence, Oxford, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Jasper, and Huntsville. The organization constitutes the largest community oncology practice in Alabama and one of the largest in the nation.

“As one of CCI’s founders and someone who has practiced in Huntsville since 1979, I’ve experienced how community oncology has changed and given our patients high-quality cancer care treatment options close to home,” Marshall Schreeder, MD, said in a statement. “In my 30-year career, I’ve never been as excited for our future as I am now due to our partnership with OneOncology. By affiliating with leading oncology practices and physicians across the country, we will continue to grow and expand access to care throughout North Alabama.”

“Partnering with OneOncology will accelerate our growth trajectory across Alabama,” said John Waples, MD, of CCI. “OneOncology’s backbone infrastructure, data analytics, and unparalleled expertise assisting growth-oriented practices will unlock opportunities for our physicians and other practices across Alabama to expand patient access to high-quality cancer care at costs far below hospitals, all while maintaining practice independence.”

Those with cancer can expect services in oral pharmacy, laboratory, clinical research, infusion, and imaging including MRI, PET/CT scans, and ultrasound.

CCI vows to offer personalized health care close to home. As an organization that has been making an impact in Alabama for more than 30 years, its joint efforts with OneOncology will bolster the quality forms of care it already offers to patients in need.

“I have known and respected Drs Schreeder and Waples and Gary Walton at CCI for over 20 years. Having such a successful practice join our partnership is both validating and gratifying,” said Jeff Patton, MD, OneOncology CEO. “We’re excited to help the practice grow and add cancer care services beneficial to their community. Our partnership will bring value to Alabama employers and payers as OneOncology continues to innovate clinically and deliver high-value cancer care.”

New Disease Group Chairs
OneOncology has announced a new group of chairs for the OneCouncil Disease Groups who will serve for 2024 and 2025.2 They are as follows:

Lung: Trevor Feinstein, MD, Piedmont Cancer Institute
Breast: Yelda Nouri, MD, New York Cancer & Blood Specialists
Gastrointestinal: Alfredo Torres, MD, New York Cancer & Blood Specialists
Genitourinary: Vasily Assikis, MD, Piedmont Cancer Institute
Hematologic malignancies: Will Donnellan, MD, Tennessee Oncology

The OneCouncil Disease Groups offer a plethora of services across multiple areas, including lung, breast, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and hematologic malignancies. All physicians involved in this platform may receive and utilize disease-specific educational initiatives and subspecialized expertise.

The Disease Groups are also responsible for directing and approving OneOncology’s proprietary pathways, many of which align with nationally recognized evidence-based guidelines. Upon presentation in peer-reviewed journals or nationally recognized meetings, these pathways are reviewed and updated by the Disease Groups. They inform about noteworthy clinical trials to follow and strategies for innovative care, guide topics on medical education, and deliver pharmacy and therapeutics committee expertise on recently approved therapies.
The outgoing chairs of the OneCouncil Disease Groups, who completed 2-year terms, are Henry Xiong, MD; Jahan Aghalar, MD; Gregory Vidal, MD; Melissa Johnson, MD; and Jonathan Abbas, MD.

In a statement, OneOncology expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for the outgoing chairs, their passion for bettering subspecialization in community oncology, and their dedication to each physician on the platform.

“Thank you to our outgoing Disease Group chairs for creating a strong culture of collaboration, and education, as well as for contributing their sub-specialization expertise to the creation of 25 pathways,” Davey Daniel, MD, OneOncology’s chief medical officer, said in the statement. “I look forward to working with our incoming chairs to continue to bring sub-specialization expertise to our platform.”

FCS Appoints Executive Board Members
Joel Grossman, MD, and Maen Hussein, MD, have been appointed to the executive board at Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS), the organization has announced.3

FCS logo | image credit: Florida Cancer Specialists

“Dr Grossman and Dr Hussein are outstanding physicians who always strive to do more to ensure that patients have the best possible care experience,” said Lucio N. Gordan, MD, FCS president and managing physician. “Their willingness to serve on the executive board is further evidence of their commitment to delivering world-class cancer care in community settings.”

Grossman, a board-certified medical oncologist, has been a part of FCS since 2003. He practices oncology in Naples, Florida, and serves as the division chief of oncology and hematology for Naples Comprehensive Health. This recent appointment will mark Grossman’s fourth term on the FCS executive board. He is a member of the electronic medical record committee and previously served as the inaugural chair of the compensation committee.

Hussein, who also serves on the finance committee, has been with FCS since 2011 and has worked as the primary investigator in many clinical trials focusing on lung cancer. He practices at FCS Brownwood and the Villages Cancer Center and serves as president of the Florida Society of Clinical Oncology board of directors. He is also an active member of the board of directors and the previous chair of the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation.

“Our executive board members have a significant impact on the direction we take and the decisions we make in this highly dynamic and rapidly changing environment,” said Nathan H. Walcker, MBA, CEO of FCS. “We value the expertise and insights these physicians will contribute to achieving our mission, vision, and strategic priorities.”

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