Oregon Healthcare Co-op Promises Price Transparency, Low Cost

People in the market for health insurance in Oregon want to know what their out-of-pocket expenses will be -- down to the dollar. They want doctors who reply to email. They want the option to see alternative practitioners.

And of course, they want premiums that don’t burn holes through their pockets.

That’s what focus groups have told Oregon’s first consumer-owned and operated health plan. And that’s what the fledgling co-op is promising to deliver later this year when it begins enrolling its first members.

“If a member calls or emails their doctor, that’s going to cost 15 bucks — period,” said Dr. Ralph Prows, the chief executive officer. “If they go see a doctor, it’s a co-pay of 35 bucks -- period. If they go to a specialist, it will be 70 bucks – period.”

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Source: Med City News

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