PatientPoint, Migraine Again Partner to Bring Migraine Education to Practices Nationwide

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PatientPoint and Migraine Again have partnered to provide educational video content in nearly 5000 primary care and obstetrics/gynecology practices nationwide, offering patients and physicians insight into better managing migraine.

Doctor—patient engagement leader PatientPoint and content publisher Migraine Again are teaming up to put migraine education resources in the hands of patients and their physicians. Through their partnership, video content will be provided in nearly 5000 primary care and obstetrics/gynecology practices nationwide, offering resources to patients in the waiting room and physicians in the back room.

With 38 million people in the United States suffering from migraine, education on understanding the disease and its lifestyle impacts are essential for improving quality of life. However, many patients and doctors lack the education needed to make these improvements.

A recent survey found that just one-third of respondents were aware of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) inhibitors for the prevention of migraine. Of those who knew of the treatments, just 19% became aware from their physician and nearly half had questions or concerns about them. The lack of awareness spanned across other treatments, with 7 out of 10 respondents indicating that they were unaware of any new treatments entering the market.

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There are 3 components to educating about migraine, explained Kate Merz, senior vice president, content and creative, PatientPoint, in an interview with The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®). There needs to be education surrounding the condition itself—understanding what it is and how it works—as well as how migraine impacts lifestyle, she said. But it’s also important to know how to talk to one's physician about migraine, such as the effects of the migraine and the efficacy of prescribed treatments.

Tapping into Migraine Again’s comprehensive educational content, which includes interviews with the leading experts in the migraine space, PatientPoint will provide the information digitally in waiting rooms, as well as in exam rooms, in order to help facilitate discussions between the patient and their physician.

By reaching patients at a critical point of care—the waiting room—patients will be able to take the information from the videos and multimedia learning tools and bring questions to their doctor.

“We want to make it as frictionless as possible for the patient sitting there in the waiting room,” explained Karl Dumas, founder and chief operating officer, Migraine Again, in an interview with AJMC®.

On the back end, physicians and the staff providing support to them are provided with the latest news coming out of the migraine space, such as new treatments and guidelines, as well as testimonials from the leading experts.

“We know physicians are busy. They are seeing more and being asked to do more with less time,” said Merz. “It can be daunting, in primary care and neurology, when you’re seeing such a broad group of patients with different ailments. So, that fact that they would know that right in their waiting room or exam room they can access information that’s relevant to their patients and they don’t need to think twice about it, it just helps them.”

Dumas also highlighted the importance of ensuring access to these resources beyond the doctor’s office. “We want to give them this information they can take to the doctor, but also when they leave the office; we can be a resource for them that they can tap into and do a deeper dive into the issue they’re facing,” he said. In addition to video content, Migraine Again offers medically reviewed articles and podcasts, providing an array of learning tools for patients across the migraine spectrum.