Rick Doubleday Outlines the Partnership Between Dexcom and Fitbit

Rick Doubleday, the executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Dexcom, discusses his company's new partnership with Fitbit and what patients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes will get out of it.

How did the partnership with Fitbit come about?

The partnership with Fitbit is all about Dexcom and how we look to innovate. One of the key things that we do is we look at innovation; how do we make products more convenient for the users. Medicare users are looking for the convenient ways to use the device. Fitbit, especially with their new watch, allows an individual to get glucose readings in a place that’s more convenient for them. The nice thing about the Fitbit watch is it [is compatible with] both IOS and Android, so it’s a great opportunity in this partnership to be able to get beneficiaries their glucose readings on another device.

What can Dexcom users expect from this relationship?

Dexcom users can expect this relationship with Fitbit to, again, be another example of Dexcom working to provide more convenient tools for people to view their glucose results. We will continue to look at other innovations as to how we can continue to make this device even more convenient moving forward.

What will this partnership mean for expansion of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) use in the type 2 population?

The Fitbit relationship is obviously a tool that will help patients be more convenient in how they see their glucose values. With Medicare’s decision to cover CGM, that includes both type 1 and type 2’s, so these individuals will be able to have the opportunity to see glucose readings onto another device. So, type 2’s will be equally as effective in those results as the type 1’s.