Segment 11 - Why It Is an Exciting Time for Immuno-Oncology

The panelists offer their closing remarks regarding immuno-oncology's promises and challenges.

The panelists offer their closing remarks regarding immuno-oncology’s promises and challenges.

Jianda Yuan, MD, PhD, explains why this is an exciting time for immunotherapy, and Kimberly Shafer-Weaver, PhD, added that discussing immuno-oncology early on is important so that the best decisions can be made for not only patients, but also the payers.

“Sometimes, it is tempting, I think, to get discouraged that the innovations that we are seeing are going to come at a price tag that we cannot afford,” Michael Kolodziej, MD, added in conclusion. “I think that is a mistake. I think that what we should be focused on is really finding out how much these innovations truly add to what we are doing now and who benefits the most.”