Survey: Employers Skeptical of Health Care Reform, But Few Project Dropping Health Insurance Coverage

Even in an environment of uncertainty about the future of healthcare reform, a majority of employers surveyed (56%) say that they are likely to continue to offer employer-sponsored health insurance after healthcare reform is enacted, according to a new survey of benefit decision-makers conducted by GfK Custom Research North America. Only 12% of benefits decision-makers say they would be very or somewhat likely to drop coverage, and another 32% of the 502 private-sector companies surveyed are unsure what they will do.

Projections vary by the size of employer, with only 4% of decision-makers surveyed from those companies with 500 or more employees considering terminating coverage completely. In addition, decision-makers who say they are familiar with healthcare reform are less likely to foresee their dropping coverage (7%, versus 15% among those not familiar).

"This survey suggests that firms aren't considering a wholesale flight from employee healthcare coverage as healthcare reform is implemented," said Tim Nanneman, Vice President and Director of Health Insurance Research. "However, many employers are skeptical about the potential effects of healthcare reform."

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Source: GfK Custom Research North America; PR Newswire