The Evolution and Clinical Impact of Diagnostic Testing - Episode 9

Thoughts on New Developments in Clinical Cancer Care Management

“Based on the literature that I have read, with the more advanced and the more recent testing…the goal is to increase the efficacy of the test,” said David C. Collymore, MD, MBA. With the rapid developments seen in recent years, Collymore highlights several advantages of the newer generation tests. He thinks these tests are less expensive, they have a much faster turnaround time, and the newer tests can analyze a much bigger sample size over a much shorter duration of time. “I think those are tremendous advances in terms of making the tests more accessible to the general population,” Collymore said.

Not being familiar with the very latest developments in the field of diagnostic testing, Collymore said he cannot predict what the cutting edge developments will be in the space, “But I do know that the advances that have been made are very positive.” Indicating the need to conduct a significant number of studies that yield little or any benefit in order to get to that one study that will demonstrate significant change, he said, “Recent research has been very positive, has been able to yield greater results, and has made testing available to the general population.”