Top 5 AJMC® Articles of September 2018

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Here are the top 5 articles for the month of September.



Hi, I’m Jaime Rosenberg for The American Journal of Managed Care®. Here are the top 5 articles for the month of September.

Number 5: An analysis from the Urban Institute found that health insurance coverage gains created by the Affordable Care Act caused the number of uninsured Americans to fall from 17% in 2013 to 10% in 2016.

Number 4: More than half of Americans misused prescription drugs in 2017. While the rate remains unchanged from 2016, there was an observed shift from prescription opioids to other drugs and dangerous drug combinations

Number 3: GlaxoSmithKline’s mepolizumab, marketed as Nucala, is superior to reslizumab and benralizumab for the treatment of eosinophilic asthma, a severe form of asthma that doesn’t respond well to corticosteroids, even at high doses.

Number 2: Researchers have discovered a new subtype of multiple sclerosis that has neuronal loss but no demyelination of the brain’s white matter, suggesting that demyelination and neuronal degeneration occur independently.

Number 1: A study looking at the toxic effects of cancer immunotherapy concluded that the incidence and timing of rare and fatal side effects from immune checkpoint inhibitors remain very low for patients with advanced cancer and should not keep patients from using the therapies.

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