Top 5 Clinical Spotlight Interviews of 2022

Throughout 2022, expert interviews on clinical topics covered cytogenetics in multiple myeloma, access to better treatments in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, and challenges with devices in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Throughout 2022, expert interviews on clinical topics covered cytogenetics in multiple myeloma (MM), access to better treatments in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), and challenges with devices in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Here are the top clinical spotlight interviews of the year.

5. Dr Joshua Richter Explains Importance of Cytogenetics in Multiple Myeloma

The concept of cancer stage means something different in MM compared with other cancers, explained Joshua Richter, MD, assistant professor of medicine in The Tisch Cancer Institute, Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology. He is the director of multiple myeloma at the Blavatnik Family-Chelsea Medical Center at Mount Sinai.

In his interview with The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®), Richter also covered the importance of cytogenetics in MM and new data from trials involving quadruplet therapy.

Read the full Q&A.

4. Hurvitz: CDK4/6 Inhibitors With Endocrine Therapy Is the “Gold Standard” in the First Line for HR+/HER2-Negative Advanced Breast Cancer

CDK4/6 inhibitors with endocrine therapy is considered the gold standard in the frontline setting for patients with hormone receptor–positive (HR+), human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2)–negative (HR–) breast cancer because a number of phase 3 trials have shown this regimen significantly prolongs progression-free survival, said Sara A. Hurvitz, MD, medical oncologist and breast cancer specialist with UCLA Health.

Hurvitz also discussed barriers to taking CDK4/6 inhibitor–based therapy, considerations when selecting one of these inhibitors, and how to treat patients whose disease progresses on CDK4/6 inhibitors.

Read the full Q&A.

3. FCS’ Bailey Discusses 4-Drug Regimens, Use of MRD in Multiple Myeloma

Treatment is a major cost driver for patients with MM, because they are often on triplet or quadruplet therapies if they have relapsed/refractory disease, explained Ray Bailey, BPharm, RPh, senior vice president of pharmacy services at Florida Cancer Specialists (FCS) & Research Institute.

During his interview with AJMC®, Bailey also discussed evaluating treatments for value, using clinical pathways and other tools to support treatment selection, and interest around using minimal residual disease to measure outcomes.

Read the full Q&A.

2. Dr Paolo Caimi Highlights the Need for Access and Better Treatments in DLBCL

A top issue in DLBCL remains facilitating access to treatments, according to Paolo Caimi, MD, staff physician in the Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Cleveland Clinic and associate professor of medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

Caimi also discussed how social determinants of health impact diagnosis and treatment, how Cleveland Clinic is addressing health disparities, insights from the SADAL study of selinexor and the LOTIS-2 trial for loncastuximab tesirine, and other novel mechanisms being studied for relapsing remitting DLBCL.

Read the full Q&A.

1. Inadequate Device Use a Challenge in COPD Management, Dr David Mannino Explains

Treatments and devices for COPD are not always easy to use, which can cause issues with patients getting the adequate dose, explained David Mannino, MD, cofounder and medical director of the COPD Foundation. Each device for COPD has its own benefits and challenges, and they’re all more complicated to use than simply smoking a cigarette, he said.

During his interview with AJMC®, Mannino discussed the appropriate device selection, the economic burden of COPD in the United States, and factors influencing patient outcomes.

Read the full Q&A.

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